Direction indicators are necessary lighting in every vehicle. The proper functioning of the lights allows agricultural machines to take an active part in road traffic. The flasher unit is therefore a mandatory accessory.

Tractor breaker - road safety

Safe driving on the road requires the appropriate equipment from the vehicle. This type of issue is precisely regulated by legal regulations that define the number and type of lights on the tractor. The turn signals are one of the most important lamps. With their participation, it is possible to signal a change of direction or an emergency situation.

The tractor breaker is a small device that is responsible for breaking the light beam emitted by the indicator lamps. Failure to use a chopper would result in a continuous light. Like many parts in an agricultural machine, the circuit breakers are also damaged or worn out. Then it is necessary to replace, because the lack of this type of component would create a risk in road traffic. Of course, defective turn signal lights also involve the possibility of receiving an expensive fine.

Breaker for a tractor with a solid structure

We specialize in providing the necessary parts and accessories for agricultural machinery. We offer components from leading manufacturers on the market, thanks to which we provide reliable products with a long service life. Each of them is made of high-quality materials characterized by a high degree of durability. The solid structure of the parts is resistant to external factors, to which the tractor is constantly infected - e.g. strong wind, hail, rain, snow, intense sunlight, high or low temperatures.

Flasher indicator in agricultural machines - remaining offer

The tractor is an extremely universal machine, which, contrary to appearances, is perfect not only for field work. Machines that do not have their own drive are attached to the tractor. Due to the strong structure, the tractor copes well with difficult terrain or unfavorable weather conditions.

Our offer also includes other tractor parts from the electrical engineering category - adapters, disconnectors, rectifiers, switches, converters, electrical boxes, sound signals, battery terminals, sockets, bulb holders, relays, jumpers, ignition switches, plugs or connector connectors.