Electrical engineering for forklifts includes accessories necessary for the proper operation of the vehicle. Trolleys are universal machines that are mandatory equipment for production halls, warehouses, transport companies, distribution centers and workplaces in each sector.

Electrical accessories for forklifts - vehicle types

Proper performance of employee activities sometimes requires the use of appropriate machinery. Forklifts allow you to lift heavy loads and transport them over a certain distance - inside and outside. Proper equipment is therefore essential for a vehicle to function flawlessly. It is very important to constantly monitor the technical condition of the trolley, because then it is possible to replace worn parts.

There are several types of forklifts, depending on the main function the vehicle is to perform:

• Lift - the most common type of vehicle of this type, designed to transport heavy loads.

• System - used in warehouses, they are characterized by remarkable maneuverability, compact design and relatively small dimensions. They perfectly cope with narrow corridors.

• Suspended - vehicles that can be transported with the goods.

• Lateral - intended for transporting loads with non-standard dimensions and used in places with insufficient space for maneuvering a front forklift.

• Explosion proof - dedicated to the transport of dangerous goods.

• High bay lift - used in situations where it is necessary to store loads at greater heights.

Electric parts for forklifts - durability and reliability

We have a wide range of products for each forklift model. The available electrical parts are characterized by a solid and durable structure, thanks to which they are resistant to external factors. High-quality materials eliminate the risk of distortions or damage, so electrical accessories for forklifts can be used without any problems for many years. By equipping the forklift with high-quality parts, we significantly increase the safety of the driver and other people in the immediate vicinity of the truck.

Electrical engineering for forklifts - a wide selection of top-class products

Our offer also includes accessories from the electrical engineering category for other types of vehicles - e.g. trucks, agricultural machinery, trailers or off-road cars. In addition, we have the necessary lighting and pneumatics for the above groups of vehicles.