Lighting is a compulsory part of vehicle equipment. Due to the fact that work in the field requires good visibility, it is also necessary to provide adequate equipment and lighting for trailers and agricultural machinery. Thanks to this, it is much easier for the effectiveness and efficiency of their operation, especially at night or during unfavourable weather conditions.

Essential lighting for industrial vehicles

Correct lighting of the vehicle contributes to the safety of both the driver and other people nearby. Properly distinguishes and marks the machine, significantly improving its visibility. This is especially important when field work requires work late in the evening or during unfavourable weather conditions that significantly limit the field of view. Additionally, industrial vehicles traveling on public roads, due to their dimensions, may pose a danger to other drivers. Having a full, efficient lighting system is therefore essential to avoid road accidents and collisions, as well as fines.

Modern and reliable lighting for trailers

As in the case of tractor lighting, position lights are an indispensable lighting element of the trailer. Rear lamps are also compulsory, and front lamps only need to be fitted to trailers whose width is greater than 1.6 m. Another type of lamp that is compulsory on a trailer is grouped position lamps with direction indicators. Another basic element is working brake lights, emergency lights and rear fog lights. In the case of a trailer whose width is more than 2.1 m, both front and rear marker lamps shall be used. Additionally, it is essential to have front and side reflectors, as well as rear warning triangles. It is important to properly set all the lights and their high quality, which directly affects the technical condition of the vehicle.

Innovative LED lighting for trailers

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