Vulcanization accessories for trailers should be mandatory equipment in the garage of each driver who is moving the vehicle with the trailer. Adequate adhesion of tires to the road directly affects road safety.

Trailer tire accessories - wide range of products

Vulcanization parts are intended not only for professional car workshops, it is also recommended to have them in home garages. Trailers are exposed to heavy exploitation, especially if they are used during work activities. Due to their universal nature, trailers are widely used in many companies. With their participation, loads are transported over long distances.

Accessories for servicing trailer tires available in our offer include inflating hoses, guns for inflating wheels, wheel extensions, metal caps, air tips or tips for inflating wheels. Each part we offer is characterized by a solid workmanship. The use of strong materials guarantees trouble-free use. We supply accessories for trailer tires of all models, constantly expanding our offer with new parts.

Vulcanization accessories for trailers for companies from all industries

Trailers are an inseparable element of the equipment of transport, logistic and forwarding companies. Their construction must therefore be extremely durable, as it is constantly exposed to external factors - e.g. unfavourable weather conditions. Accessories for trailer tires allow you to check the pressure in the wheels. Their use allows you to perform basic vulcanization work in the garage.

Accessories for servicing trailer tires - checking the condition of the tires

Vehicle health monitoring is an integral part of every professional driver's job. The efficiency of the wheels guarantees safety, so it is worth paying special attention to:

• Regularly checking the tire pressure. Underinflated wheels have a negative effect on tire life, while increasing fuel consumption.

• Maintaining the recommended pressure level by the manufacturer.

• Checking the wear of the wheels with the use of the wear indicator.

• Visiting a specialized car repair shop in the event that we notice bulges, cracks or cuts on the tires.

• Complete replacement of worn tires.

Tires must also be adapted to the current weather conditions, because the road surface varies significantly depending on the season.