Appropriate electrical sockets for trucks allow you to connect a trailer or a tow truck to the vehicle. This type of equipment is necessary because it ensures proper electrical connection, and thus safety in road traffic.

A socket in a truck and legal standards

The legal regulations precisely define what parts or accessories a car should have when it is on the road. The standards also apply to trailers or tow trucks. Ensuring proper lighting is therefore crucial, because it not only affects the safety of participation in road traffic, but also protects against receiving a high fine. Electric sockets for trucks allow you to connect the selected model of trailers and tow trucks. It is enough to obtain an accessory with the appropriate number of risers.

The wiring harness is usually located near the tow bar. Perfect for towing, charging the battery in a caravan or connecting tourist refrigerators. However, its most important task is the ability to connect the electrical system to trailers. The flow of energy then enables lighting to be provided.

Trailer sockets - seven-pole and thirteen-pole

The nests may appear in various forms. The first type is a seven-pin (seven-pin, seven-pin) truck socket. The element consists of seven wires. The socket supports basic lights - indicators, position lights or stop lights. The second type are three-pin (thirteen-pin, thirteen-pin) trailer sockets. This type of accessory can be divided into two additional types: a bundle with eight wires or a bundle with twelve wires. The first beam is designed to operate brake lights, parking lights, reversing lights and direction indicators. The second, on the other hand, is responsible for brake lights, parking lights, reversing lights and indicators. It also allows you to charge the caravan battery or connect a positive cable, which allows you to connect, for example, a refrigerator.

Electric sockets for trucks - a wide range of automotive accessories 

We offer a wide selection of sockets for trucks. Each element is made of high-quality materials, thanks to which the accessory is resistant to external factors - e.g. unfavorable weather conditions. We work with leading manufacturers on the market who create truck parts with a solid and durable structure. Therefore, we guarantee trouble-free use for many years.