Correct securing of cargo during transport is necessary as it guarantees safe and peaceful transport of selected goods to their destination. Protection can take many forms depending on the nature of the cargo.

Securing of cargo during transport - edge protection

The physical forces acting on the truck make it necessary to use appropriate safeguards. Edge protections ensure that the risk of possible damage to the transported goods is minimized. Shocks while driving are inevitable, which is why it is so important to ensure the correct conditions for the load.

Securing the load on the trailer against the unavoidable situations

While driving, the truck is subjected to physical stress and, of course, the load being transported with it. What situations is the load exposed to?

• Acceleration - a significant change in speed over a period of time causes the load inside the truck to move backwards.

• Brakes - reverse acceleration, which reduces the vehicle speed, causes the load to rapidly move towards the driver's cabin.

• Cornering - lateral acceleration, the truck turning around causes a change in direction to be felt: centrifugal acceleration. Situations of this type determine the movement of the cargo towards the side walls.

• Gravity - presses the load vertically against the surface beneath it.

• Force of mass - the force of inertia causes the load to stay in a momentary position, to stop or to act against the acceleration of the vehicle, braking or changing the direction of travel.

• Friction force - reduces the risk or reduces the sliding of cargo inside the truck. Both the load surface and the load surface have an influence on the friction force.

Edge protectors for securing the load in combination with straps and securing straps

The presented load securing edge protectors are made of high-quality materials, thanks to which they are resistant to external factors or physical forces. The high degree of durability guarantees perfect protection, preventing damage. Angles are perfect for supporting belts or safety tapes. The solid construction of the angle bracket means that it is not exposed to possible distortions.

We propose to connect the offered angles with the straps and securing tapes available in our store's assortment - then the load will be fully protected and secured.