Vehicles sometimes require a safe isolation gap in the electrical circuit. Then, small elements are used - disconnectors, which are adapted to all types of passenger cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machines, caravans or motor boats.

Universal use disconnectors in the trailer

Trailers are widely used in virtually every sector. Most often they are used to transport large amounts of cargo. Trailers are adapted to be connected to trucks, cars and tractors. These vehicles are not self-propelled, but require many necessary accessories. Due to road conditions, trailers should be of a solid structure. The strong construction fully secures the transported load, thanks to which the transported goods will always reach their destination intact.

The current disconnectors in the trailer are designed to stop the current consumption by devices or accessories located in the vehicle. These parts are used when the vehicle is stationary to prevent the battery from discharging. The small disconnector is very easy to operate, and with its use it is possible to safely and easily disconnect the power mass.

Current disconnectors in a trailer - when should an insulation gap be created? 

The current disconnect device can be used in many situations. We recommend using an accessory:

• before we start repairing the vehicle,

• during longer stops,

• when charging the battery with the charger and not removed from the vehicle.

Disconnectors for the trailer - electrical engineering, lighting and pneumatics

We provide the highest quality accessories dedicated to each type of vehicle. We have the necessary parts for trailers from the electrical engineering category - adapters, electric cables, plugs, sockets, bulb sockets, electrical boxes, connector connectors. In addition, our offer also includes accessories for handling tires, warning lights, parts for tarpaulins, flashlights, transport belts, wheel wrenches, cable ties, clamps, marking plates and cargo securing. Of course, the rich assortment also includes the necessary lighting - lampshades for marker lamps, rear combination lamps, flash lamps, reversing lamps, marker lamps, rear unit lamps, front lamps, working lamps with a switch, strobe, direction indicators, license plate lamps, fog lamps, working lamps, lifts and reflectors.