Truck relays are an essential accessory for the proper functioning of the vehicle. The power source in the car is only the battery which has a current of 12 V, 24 V or 48 V.

What is a car relay?

The relay is in the form of an electromagnetic device that allows the current to flow from the battery to the appropriate receiver - e.g. vehicle lighting. The most important feature of the part is enriching it with two operating circuits, which independently handle a small current, coming from a large current required (e.g. a starter) to start the engine, while there is a huge torque. This type of separation greatly simplifies the design and operation of the vehicle.

Relays for trucks - types

There are three categories of automotive relays according to the initial contact location:

• Relay with normally open contacts - an accessory most often used in vehicles, mainly in connection with the provision of proper lighting - eg dipped beam, high beam, fog lights, heated windows or a horn.

• Relay with normally closed contacts - the part that enables powering the alarm or immobilizer.

• Relay with change-over contacts - dedicated to mechanisms that allow you to move the windows or the central lock.

Relay for truck - high quality workmanship

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Relays for the truck available in our offer will allow you to equip your vehicle with the necessary accessory. The ability to choose from a variety of product types allows the perfect accessory to be matched to each truck model. We are constantly expanding the range of our store, so that we can deliver missing parts or accessories for trucks, tractors and trailers.