An incorrectly marked car moving on the road poses a threat not only to itself, but also to other road users. When equipping the vehicle, we must ensure its good technical condition and adequate lighting. This will help to distinguish and mark the car, which will significantly reduce the risk of a road accident or collision. Vehicle lighting is also responsible for its proper visibility, especially in the evening or during unfavorable weather conditions.

Proven and efficient fog lamps

To effectively take care of the good technical condition of our car, we should choose proven and decent car parts. The purchase of solid products that consist of high-quality materials guarantee effective and efficient functioning, as well as ensure their durable operation for a long time. Kamar is a supplier that offers top-class products to equip your vehicle. In our extensive range of truck lighting parts, you will find all the necessary accessories, such as fog lamps.

High-end LED fog lamp 

Fog lamps can be located at the front as well as at the rear of the vehicle. They help illuminate the road when there is limited air transparency. The front lamps are responsible for lighting the space in front of the car, while the rear ones are designed to increase the visibility of the vehicle in unfavorable weather conditions. The LED rear fog lamp can only be used when the visibility drops below 50 m. In the event of improper use, there is a fine of PLN 200 and 2 penalty points. Therefore, it is our duty to constantly monitor the technical condition of the lamps. For this reason, it is extremely important to invest in the best possible parts to ensure long and correct lighting of the vehicle. In the case of inferior quality accessories, we have to take into account their shorter life and defectiveness, which unfortunately comes down to additional repair costs. Check the available offer of our products and choose the ones you need.