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LED-Arbeitsleuchte FT-036 L0136

  • NUMBER: L0136
  • EAN: 5907556005617
  • Gewicht: 0.40 KG

LED work lamp FT-036

L0136 has features such as . L0136 is a certified product. According to standards such as ECE R10; ADR. Fastening is śruba. The tension is 12-55V.


LED work lamp used to illuminate the working area in vehicles off the public roads. For proper instailation and use of lights it is advisable to read the instructions to ensure personal safety and durability of the products. The device must be instailed out of reach of children. The appliance must be fitted out of reach of children. If you would like to change the existing incandescent/halogen lighting on LED lighting - instailation does not require to make any changes, except replacing the lamps.While instailing new / additional LED lighting you must verify the current capacity of the switch to which you are going to connect the lamp. If you exceed the current carrying capacity of the switch to which you want to connect LED lighting, use an additional relay - the instailation of lamps should make a professional engineer. Use in airy places. The instalation should be made by professional workshop of specialized service. User's manual available for download at Lamps must be instailed only in accordance with UNECE regulations