Comment soumettre une demande de service

Do you have any comments on the equipment received from us?

Service request via the Internet and an account at

Service request

You can submit a service request online in a few steps at

1. Register at

2. Fill out the online service request; for this you will need:

  • Your device information (symbol)
  • Purchase invoice number
  • Photos/video showing product defects

3. Print the service request and attach it to the packaged device (in case of shipment)

4. During the repair on the customer portal, you will receive notifications regarding the status of your service request.

5. We will deliver the repaired or replaced device back to the indicated address.

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Advantages for you

Maximum comfort
Fill out a service request online in a few simple steps, around the clock.

Quick and well
Our qualified technicians will verify your application reliably and quickly.

Transparency of the entire process
You can track a service request on the customer portal. You will receive information about the status change by e-mail.

Complete a service request
Check request status


Quickly and reliably

Complete a service request with just one click.

While the application is being considered, you will be able to keep track of your equipment via the customer account. So relax and enjoy our hassle-free service.

Terms of warranty

  • We provide a warranty for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase
  • any unauthorized tampering with the product voids the warranty