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Feu antibrouillard ACTROS MP2 gauche L3270

  • NUMBER: L3270
  • EAN: 5908232281745
  • OEM: 9438200056
  • Poids: 0.94 KG

L3270 has features such as: front fog lamp. L3270 characterized by a power of 55/70 W. The source of this lamp is bulbs H3. L3270 is a certified product. According to standards such as ECE R19. Moreover, it is made of materials: Lens: Glass, Housing: PEI. The voltage is 12/24 V. The product is packaged in the following configuration cart. dim: 310x160x130 mm, lamp weight: 880 g, 10 pcs/bulk box.


• It should be used exclusively in accordance with intended use. • Mount exclusively in specialized workshops.

• The connection between the lamp and vehicle’s installation should be isolated with heat-shrink tube, or, alternatively, with isolating tape, to avoid getting water and moisture to the copper wire of the lamp, which can damage electronic components. When it comes to lamp and plug, the plug should be mounted safely.

• Do not cut off tinned ends. • Lamps must be installed only in accordance with UNECE regulations

, 9438200056
Material Lens: Glass, Housing: PEI
Function front fog lamp
Watt 55/70 W
Voltage 12 V/24 V
Certyficates ECE R19
Packing cart. dim: 310x160x130 mm, lamp weight: 880 g, 10 pcs/bulk box
Light source bulbs H3