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Warnlichtbalken LED 980x326x81mm R65 R10 BLK0013

  • NUMBER: BLK0013
  • EAN: 5901741307647
  • Gewicht: 8.07 KG

BLK0013 has features such as: 6 warning flashes are for. The lamp has 128 change technical LEDs. BLK0013 characterized by a power of 64 W reference only, and. BLK0013 is a certified product. According to standards such as ECE, ECE may vary slightly.. Moreover, it is made of materials: Lens: PC, Housing: ABS We reserve the right to. Fastening is screws data and any errors.. The voltage is 12 V/24 V the actual product. The product is packaged in the following configuration cart. 1060x380x120 mm R10, weight: R65, 2 pcs/bulk Reproduction in, dim.: 7800 g box whole or.

• Do not look directly into the light - it may cause damage or even loss of vision.
• Install only in specialized workshops or professional services.
• Use in open space only.
• Use in accordance to the purpose.

• It should be used exclusively in accordance with intended use.
• Mount exclusively in specialized workshops.
• The connection between the lamp and vehicle’s installation should be isolated with heat-shrink tube, or, alternatively, with isolating tape, to avoid getting water and moisture to the copper wire of the lamp, which can damage electronic components. When it comes to lamp and plug, the plug should be mounted safely.
• Do not cut off tinned ends.
• Lamps must be installed only in accordance with UNECE regulations - Only mount the lamp to a flat, metal, dry, cleaned and degreased roof surface. The maximum speed of movement of the vehicle with a warning lamp attached with a magnet to the roof surface is 50km/h. Take special care in windy conditions. Do not unscrew the lamp, it will lose its water resistance.

, 128 change technical
Material Lens: PC, Housing: ABS We reserve the right to
Mounting screws data and any errors.
Function 6 warning flashes are for
Watt 64 W reference only, and
Voltage 12/24 V
Certyficates ECE, ECE
Packing cart. 1060x380x120 mm R10, weight: R65, 2 pcs/bulk Reproduction in, dim.: 7800 g box whole or
WIRE 400 mm Photos and specifications