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Tapo AB DF AKC1293

  • NUMBER: AKC1293
  • EAN: 5901741301348
  • Peso: 0.12 KG

Moreover, it is made of materials: 004702705 plastic, 1742568, 81154026027. The diameter is 40 mm. The inner diameter has 38 mm. Fastening is keys 2szt.


Filler cap is a device responsible for closing the filler in the petrol tank. Filler cap is made of plastic material, resistant to fuel impact. It has a rubber seal which protects and caulks the filler from the outflow.

Filler cap should be mounted to cars that have the fuel filler adjusted to his kind of cap and cars that have the fully functional.

While using the caps, it is forbidden to use them in cars, where the petrol filler is not adjusted to the specific kinds of caps. It is also forbidden to use any additional devices while unbolting/bolting/ caulking the cap, because it may cause its failure. Caps may be used only in accordance with their destination.

1. Take the cap out of the package 2. Remove the foil 3. Screw the cap in the fuel filler 4. Tighten the cap with the reasonable strength, in order that the seal will not be damaged 5. In the caps with the key, twist the key in order to close the cap and gently check whether the cap grinds securely and safely to the petrol filler.

, 004702705 plastic, 1742568, 81154026027
Diameter 40 mm
Inside diameter 38 mm
Mounting keys 2szt