Lubricators are mandatory equipment in every garage or vulcanization plant. The device, by means of pressure, allows the lubricant to be fed to the selected place. Our store offers pneumatic, foot and manual lubricators.

Manual grease gun - parts maintenance

Proper maintenance of the machine significantly extends its life. It is therefore essential to constantly monitor the technical condition of the device and carry out any renovation works. Lubrication is a procedure that does not require too much work, and significantly affects the durability and reliability.

The most popular equipment in the category of lubricators is a manually operated device. Remarkable ease of use makes the manual grease gun the most commonly used type. The lubricant can be applied to a selected area - e.g. joints, bearings, shafts. This type of lubricator can be used in car workshops, industry and agriculture. The service consists in pulling the piston with the use of a jack lever - then the lubricant escapes through the nozzle. Before we decide to buy a grease gun, we must pay special attention to the capacity of the device. This parameter determines the amount of grease that can be spread without the need to refill the reservoir. It should be noted, however, that greater capacity also means increased weight.

Simple foot grease gun 

Another proposition is a pedal operated grease gun. A portable device is used to apply lubricant to friction nodes. The equipment consists of a tank, chassis, distributor, lubricating piston, plunger, tank cover, high pressure lubrication line. The extraction of grease into the area that we want to subject it to it is possible thanks to the use of a movable, comfortable pedal.

Pneumatic grease gun for each type of machine

The pneumatic grease gun is a modern alternative to the two previous devices. The equipment is characterized by low air consumption, which allows you to carefully adjust the operating pressure level. The universal nature of the device allows it to be used in all conditions. High work comfort is ensured by convenient and efficient operation. The robust design of the equipment makes the accessory resistant to mechanical damage and external factors. Systematic use of a grease gun extends the service life of parts exposed to friction. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in industrial machines, tractors, large-size vehicles or passenger cars.